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Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics for Nurses

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The Scope of this Course

Pharmacology in its broadest sense is the study of chemicals on biologic systems substances.

This course is designed to provide the graduate student in basic medical sciences with basic and applied knowledge in pharmacology. In this course emphesis is placed on drug groups and prototypes rather than repetitive detail about individual drugs. Pathophysiologic states which justify the use of various classes of drugs will be discussed. In addition, mechanism of action, pharmacokinetics, indications, contraindications, adverse reactions and toxicities will be emphasized.

A journal club session will be organized in this course. In this session, the student will be required to review selected articles in pharmacology published in various pharmacology journals. Each student will present the article material to the staff members and the graduate students enrolled in this course.

A critical discussion will be conducted and directed towards the experimental design, the statistical method, the validity of the results and conclusions.

The students are expected to participate activity in group discussion on various topics of pharmacology designed to be in this course.

We will also strive to encourage active learning patterns which will enable the student in the future to cope with the continually expanding number of therapeutic approaches to human disease.




a. The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics

Goodman and Gilman's

loth Edition, 2001

b. Basic and Clinical Pharmacology

B.G. Katzung

Appleton and lange.

8th Edition, 2001

c. Pharmacology

H.P. Rang, M.M. Dale. J. M. Ritter and P. K. Moore


Evaluation :

I. Seminars: Each student should present at least one seminar during the course.

 2. Mid term exam

(I &2: 60% of the final grade).

 3. Final examination: 40%


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Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics for Nurses

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