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Neuroscience I System

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Course description:

 This system-based course integrates the basic sciences into a study of neuroscience and behavior in both health and disease states. Each of the basic science topics is incorporated into an integrated body of knowledge covering neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, neurological correlation, neuropharmacology, neuropathology, microbiology, human behavior. This goal will be achieved via selected lectures, relevant laboratory sessions, seminars topics, and self-directed learning methods.

The overall goal of the Neuroscience I course is to provide basic knowledge and understanding of the structure, function of the nervous system, biochemical basis of human behavior, as well as the pathological basis of neurological and mental disorders. Fundamental principles of anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, pathology, microbiology and human behavior will be applied to pathological situations to distinguish the clinical basis for central nervous system disorders.

 General objectives:

 1.         Outline the general organization of the nervous system.

 2.         Describe the gross features of the human central nervous system (brain and spinal cord).

 3.         Discuss chemical synaptic transmission in terms of mechanisms, functions, and properties, and drugs modulating synaptic transmission.

 4.         Describe brain coverings, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), and blood supply of the central nervous system.

 5.         Define the structural basis, physiological, and pharmacological properties of the pathways that transmit sensory and motor information in the central nervous system.

 6.         Describe the anatomical and physiological basis for higher-order cortical functions in the central nervous system.

 7.         Describe pathogens that infect the central nervous system and the specific diseases related to the infection process.

8.         Describe the pathological changes in central nervous system tissue that underlies various neurological diseases.

9.         Describe the principles that guide our understanding of human behavior and the biochemical basis of various behavioral disorders.

 10.     Correlate lesion sites at specific levels of the central nervous system with neurological and pathological findings of various neurological disorders.

11.     Describe the pharmacology of drugs employed in the management of various mental and neurological disorders.

Methods of Instruction:

I.    Lectures.

 II.   Practical classes.

 III.  Small group discussion: Cerebrovascular accidents.

Evaluation and Grading System:

1.  First in-course exam (Written) = 40%.

 2.  Second in-course exam (Practical) = 17%.

 3.  Evaluation at small group discussion = 3%.

 4.  Final course exam (Written) = 40%.

 Recommended Text Books:


  1. Anatomy:

- Principles of Human Anatomy. By G. J. Tortora, 8th edition, 1999.

      - Clinical Anatomy for Medical Students. By R. S. Snell, latest edition.

      - Grants Atlas of Anatomy or any other Atlas of Human Anatomy.

      - Basic Histology. By L. Carlos Junqueira, 8th edition, 1995.

      - Before we are born. By K. L. Morre and T. V. N. Persaud, 5th edition 1998.


  1. Physiology:

- Textbook of Medical Physiology. By Guyton and Hall, 10th Edition, 2000.

 - Concise Text of Neuroscience, by R. E. Kingsley, 2nd Edition. 2000.


  1. Biochemistry:

- Harper's Biochemistry. By Robert K. Murray and Co., 1999.

       - Supplementary Departmental Handouts.


  1. Pharmacology:

- Lippincott's Illustrated Reviews Pharmacology, 3rd Edition, 2005.

- Basic and Clinical Pharmacology. By Katzung, 8th Edition, 2000.

      - Supplementary handouts.


  1. Pathology:

 - Basic Pathology. By Kumar, Cotran and Robbins, 6th Edition, 1997.

        - Essential of Pathology Rubin, Latest Edition.

        - Supplementary handouts.


6.  Microbiology: Medical Microbiology. An Introduction to Infectious Diseases. By Sheries, Latest Edition.

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Neuroscience I System

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