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Special Topic Course in Pharmacology

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Objectives of the course


The aim of this course is to cover certain topics in pharmacology. These topics, most of the time, are not covered in details during undergraduate study. This course:


a.             Utilizes the development in pharmacology, medicine and physiology to have a better understanding of diseases process and a more rational use of drugs.

b.            Utilizes the application of biochemical, molecular and Immunological techniques to understand drug interactions, adverse drug reactions, and how new drugs are introduced.

c.             Discusses all dimensions that optimizes drug use in clinical practice including pharmacokinetics pharmacodynamics, drug disposition and  therapeutic drug monitoring.  


Text and Reading Material:


The recommended text for the course is Goodman and Gilman's.

The pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics 10th. Edition

(Mc Grow Hill, 2001). Older editions are on reserve at the library. This is a large comprehensive text which can best be used in conjunction with:


1.      Katzung's Basic and Clinical Pharmacology, 7th edition (Appleton and Lange, 1998), a useful text which is particularly clear in the area of cardiovascular pharmacology and drug metabolism.

2.      Lippincott's illustrated Reviews: pharmacology 2nd, edition (Lippincot Williams and Wilkins, 2000), a useful introduction to pharmacology.


Pharmacology is a rapidly changing and dynamic desipline, Several periodicals and professional journals may be helpful to you when you need more or current information about drugs or therapeutic principles.

Therefore you could refer to:

·             The Medical letter-4 page pamphlet dealing with several drugs or therapeutic issues.

·             Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics

·              British Journal of Pharmacology

·              Biochemical Pharmacology

·              Drug Metabolism and Disposition

·              Molecular Pharmacology

·              Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics

·              Eurepean Journal of Pharmacology

·              Pharmacological Reviews

·              British Journal of clinical pharmacology

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Special Topic Course in Pharmacology

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