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Fundamentals of Toxicology

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The Scope of this Course

This graduate course is a three credit hours. It is designed and organized to facilitate coverage of various principles and displines in basic and applied toxicology. A major focus will be directed towards elements of method and approach that identify toxicology. It will include the priciples most frequently invoked in a full understanding of toxicology events, such as dose-response, and its primary mechanistic orientation.


Mechanisms of various toxicants will be stressed, particularly when these are well identified. Another focus will be directed to the systemic site of action of various toxins with the intention to provide answers to two basic questions: what kinds of injury are produced in specific organs or systems by various toxic agents? What are the agents that produce these effects?



I.                    Casarett and Doull's Toxicology

            C. D. Klaassen et. Al.


            Edition: The latest.


II.                 The Pharmacological Basic of Therapeutics

L. S. Goodman Et. Al

Mc Grow Hill

Edition: The latest


III.               Toxicology-The Basic Science of Poisons

R. D. Harbison


Edition: The latest


IV.              Poisoning: Toxicology, Symptoms, Treatments

C. C. Thomas


Edition: The latest

 V.                 Selected Internet Sites.


 1.   Seminar presentation and report preparation

(60% of the final grade).


2.   Final examination (oral and written): 40%.


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Fundamentals of Toxicology

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