Skin manifestations among patients admitted with COVID 19 (2021)
Diala Mahmoud Alshiyab, Basheer Yousuf Khassawneh, Firas Ahmed Al-Qarqaz, Shaher Mohammed Samrah, Suleiman Mohammad Momany, Musa Ali Al-Ali, Ashraf Omar Oweis, Jihan Mohammed Muhaidat
Prevalence and outcome of acute kidney injury among hospitalized COVID 19 patients: A retrospective cohort study (2020)
Ashraf Omar Oweis
Renal Dysfunction among Rheumatoid Arthritis patients in Jordan (2020)
Ashraf Omar Oweis
Clinical presentation of patients infected with COVID-19 in North Jordan (2020)
Shaher Mohammed Samrah, Basheer Yousuf Khassawneh
Prevalence and outcome of Acute Kidney Injury in Multi-Drug Resistant Infection (2020)
Ashraf Omar Oweis