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Internal Medicine for 4th year Medical Students

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4th Year Medical Students

This is 10-week course that introduces general internal medicine principles to the 4th year medical students. At the end of the course the student should be competent in the basic assessment and management of important, common problems in internal medicine. Students will have exposure to many common medical conditions and the opportunity for continued growth as a physician.

  I. Course Objectives: 

1.     Master the art of interviewing patients and history taking skills
2.     Perform a complete or focused physical examination and distinguish normal from abnormal findings
3.     Develop a reasonable differential diagnosis list
4.     Appropriate presentation of the cases to the teaching staff
5.     Use and interpret laboratory and radiographic tests used in diagnosing common disease
6.     Recognize and manage common medical emergencies
7.     Identify ethical problems which arise in patient treatment and care
8.     All students participating on this course should follow the faculty of medicine standards


II. Evaluation and Distribution of Marks

1.    In-course evaluation:   20%

2.    Final Clinical Exam:    40%

3.    Final Written Exam:    40%


IV. Recommended Textbooks

1.     Clinical Medicine (Kumar and Clark)

2.    Davidson's Principles and Practice of Medicine

3.    McLeod's Clinical Examination

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Internal Medicine for 4th year Medical Students

Course Syllabus Medicine for 4th year Medical Students_M 422/4th year-syllabus.pdf
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