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Clinical Quality Improvement & Patient Safety

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This course provides an introduction to the science of safety, and how it relates to problems with patient safety in health care. Explains the role of both individuals and systems in improving patient safety. Reviews institutional responses to adverse events, including the topics of risk management and medical malpractice. Emphasizes the importance of communication and teamwork. Students learn the basics of conducting an incident investigation, gain an understanding of the advantages and limitations of error reporting, learn how to disclose errors and adverse events, and learn models for improving safety in hospitals and other health care organizations from both the micro and macro points of views.

This course also covers essential information in every area of Patient Safety and Quality Improvement. With a focus on improving systems and processes, preventing errors, and promoting transparency. It provides an overview of Patient Safety and Quality Improvement fundamentals, as well as insight into how these principles apply to a variety of clinical settings and with specific populations, including radiology, emergency room, surgery, pediatrics, and psychiatry. It also provides the knowledge and skills necessary for an effective, proactive approach to patient safety and quality improvement. The course will develop your knowledge and understanding and equip you with the ability to influence and lead on quality improvement and patient safety activities in practice​​

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