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The course will focus on the healthcare systems in the different countries around the world. Specific attention is paid to the developmental history of the healthcare systems, financing, and delivery infrastructures. The course consists of 3-hour weekly sessions. Basic understanding from this course will help students in the future development of their international career.   


By the end of this course students will be able to : 


  1. ​1. Be familiar and explain about pressing health issues worldwide  

2. Discuss how country’s health care emerge and evolve, and describe health practices commonly used to maintain and restore health  

3. Describe whether there is existence of access in a health care system and be able to compare the strengths and weaknesses of different healthcare systems  

4. Critique and assess the impact of social determinants on health status and health services delivery on global healthcare  

5. Understand different methods of financing, funding priorities and challenges, and funding factors governing health systems.  


6 will understand the connections between and among the various health systems, specifically how the various entities work.  

7. students will develop an educated opinion on different healthcare systems. 

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