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Communication Skill

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This course has been designed to help students to understand the importance of the

communication in healthcare organizations, as well as the underpinning theories and

models that attempt to explain what communication is.

The course consists of three main parts; part one introduces basic forms of communication

skills, then goes deeply to illustrate different forms, models and theories that helps to

explain why people communicate in particular ways.

Part two is dedicated to interpersonal communication, It describes the interactions between

different players, including healthcare providers, patients, family, friends, carers, and so

on. This part also provides students with different approaches and manners that help health

care professionals to communicate with particular audiences and in difficult circumstances.

Part three focuses on organizational communication. It starts by decision-making process

and methods to reach a decision with the involvement of all group members. This part

covers knowledge and skills for leading meetings, conflict management, and negotiations

within the organization and with external bodies. Finally, students will learn and practice

skills for giving presentation.​​

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