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Medical Records Management (MRM)

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​• Information is the life blood of health care delivery system. The medical record, in manual or automated form, houses the medical information that describes all aspects of patient care. This course is an introduction to Medical Records Management in today’s healthcare organizations. • Physicians, nurses, and other health care providers require medical information for treating a patient. The medical record serves as a communication link among caregivers. This course helps students to understand the content, format, and management of the medical health record including the utilization of the electronic medical record. Students compare and evaluate the electronic medical record with the traditional printed medical record. • Documentation in the medical record also serves to protect the legal interests of the patient, health care provider, and health care facility. Students evaluate the reliability and accuracy of data found in the medical record. This course emphasis on the importance of editing and proofreading within specified deadlines along with the medical/legal implications resulting from inaccurately produced medical documentation. It provides and transcribe entry-level medical documents from dictation or from handwritten material. ​

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