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 The course is training –oriented course in clinical research. The students are usually physicians enrolled in the high specialty degree in one of the clinical disciplines.

The aim is to practice planning and evaluating clinical research.

The students are trained through group discussion, individual project, peer review, problem solving exercises and research report writing to critically assess published research and write research protocol.

The students first define specific area that could feasibly be tackled by research, then formulate hypothesis and state rational and aim of research. Listing of specific research objectives using appropriate and measurable verbs is the next step. The research design is selected based on the specific objectives. Identification of participants is done through the definition of sampling frame, sampling technique and sample size. Case definition should be rigorously done. The description of main outcome measure is fundamental in completing the methodology.  The implementation of research steps could be done through simulation. The analyses of data should be done by appropriate statistical tool. The student is required to relate findings to the stated objectives. He is also required to critically evaluate the results and compare his findings to previously published reports. 

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Course Syllabus RESEARCHES METHODS_PH709/PH-709 Syllabus.doc
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