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Impact of endurance exercise training on the expression of myogenic regulatory proteins in skeletal muscles from a mouse model of chronic/progressive Parkinson disease (2017)
Nour Salameh Erekat, Muhammed Deeb Al-Jarrah, Hikmat Moh'd Hadoush
Termination level of conus medullaris in Jordanians. Age and gender-related study. (2017)
Moh''D Zohair Allouh
Morphometric study of the facial skeleton in Jordanians: a computed tomography scan -based study. (2017)
Ayman Ghazi Mustafa, Moh''D Zohair Allouh
youtube as a learning tool of anatomy: perspectives of jordanian medical students (2017)
Ayman Ghazi Mustafa
morphometric study of the palatal vault and it's use in sex determination: a dental cast-based study (2017)
Ayman Ghazi Mustafa, Moh''D Zohair Allouh