A delegation from the University of Heidelberg visits FGS / JUST
14 Dec 2021

A delegation from the Heidelberg Institute of Global Health (HIGH) in the university of Heidelberg visited JUST to discuss the opportunities for mutual cooperation in the public health domain. The institute was represented by figures from the Teaching Unit of the institute, including Dr. Pauline Grys, Dr. Revati Phalkey and Ms. Jamila Nabieva from the Teaching Unit of the Institute.​
The meeting was held at JUST campus on the 8/12/2021  and was represented by Dr.Mahmoud Alrefaei, the dean of graduate studies, Dr. Shadi Hamouri, the vice dean, Prof. Borhan Albiss, the dean of the Nanotechnology Institute, Dr. Tamara Athamneh from the Nanotechnology Institute and Dr. Khalid Kheirallah, chairman of the Deprtment of Public Health and Community Medicine. ​
Prof. Alrefaei briefed the delegates about JUST and the FGS and shed the light on possible cooperation opportunities with the university of Heidelberg and stressed on the mutual benefits on both levels.
In turn, the delegation gave a presentation on the areas of scientific collaborations in different related domains.
The delegates from the Heidelberg University commended the support and facilitations given by JUST to its postgraduate students and the quality of research areas conducted by the academics and their students.​

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