Potential Areas of collaborations Between JUST and University of Heidelberg/Germany
13 Dec 2021
As part of the university's quest to learn about the latest scientific developments and achievements around the world and to provide benefit to its students and help them communicate with the latest trends in the scientific research and opportunities, a team from the University of Heidelberg visited the Jordan University of Science and Technology to discuss opportunities for cooperation in the field of public health. 

The team presented a valuable presentation on the areas of cooperation available in this specialization. In turn, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Refai, Dean of the College of Graduate Studies at the university gave a comprehensive presentation about the college, its specializations and achievements, and discussed the various fields of cooperation between the two universities. 

The Heidelberg University team was very impressed with the university's capabilities, the quality of teaching and the experiences gained by students and graduates, and they commended the university's support for its postgraduate students on all levels.