M.Sc of Electrical engineering - COMMUNICATIONS AND ELECTRONICS (1999)
Department Compulsory Req. (13) Hours:
Line No.CodeCourseHoursPrerequisiteTeaching Method
247010EE701 applied mathematics for engineers 3---On Campus
247050EE705 random processes 3---On Campus
247512EE751 digital data transmission 3On Campus
247511EE751 digital data transmission 3EquivalentOn Campus
247600EE760 statistical signal processing 3On Campus
247680EE768 digital signal processing for communications 3EquivalentOn Campus
247901EE790 seminar 1On Campus
247950EE795 seminar in wireless communications 1EquivalentOn Campus

Department Elective Req. (6) Hours:
Line No.CodeCourseHoursPrerequisiteTeaching Method
247101EE710 linear systems 3---On Campus
247111EE711 nonlinear systems 3---On Campus
247120EE712 advanced control systems 3---On Campus
247130EE713 optimal control systems 3---On Campus
247140EE714 digital control systems 3---On Campus
247151EE715 stochastic control 3---On Campus
247160EE716 adaptive control 3---On Campus
247190EE719 special topics in control 3---On Campus
247300EE730 advanced power system analysis 3---On Campus
247311EE731 power systems dynamics and control 3---On Campus
247320EE732 operation of power systems 3---On Campus
247330EE733 power systems planning 3---On Campus
247341EE734 power systems transients 3---On Campus
247351EE735 high voltage engineering 3---On Campus
247361EE736 switched mode converters 3---On Campus
247392EE739 special topics in power 3---Blended
247402EE740 advanced analysis of electrical machines 3---Blended
247412EE741 special electrical machines 3---Blended
247491EE749 special topics in electrical machines 3---Electronic Course

Specialization Compulsory Req. (9) Hours:
Line No.CodeCourseHoursPrerequisiteTeaching Method
247996EE799A master thesis 9---Blended
247997EE799B master thesis 6---Electronic Course
247998EE799C master thesis 3---Electronic Course
247999EE799D master thesis 0---Blended

Specialization Elective Req. (6) Hours:
Line No.CodeCourseHoursPrerequisiteTeaching Method
247020EE702 electromagnetic waves and radiation sys. 3On Campus
247000EE700 antenna and radio wave propagation 3EquivalentOn Campus
247030EE703 electromagnetic compatibility 3---On Campus
247040EE704 numerical techniques in electromagnetic 3---On Campus
247060EE706 microwave circuits 3---On Campus
247070EE707 advanced antenna engineering 3---On Campus
247080EE708 advanced radio wave propagation 3---On Campus
247090EE709 special topics in electromagnetic 3---On Campus
247220EE722 advanced electronic circuits 3---On Campus
247230EE723 surface acoustic waves 3---On Campus
247240EE724 solid-state electronics 3---On Campus
247250EE725 optoelectronic devices 3---On Campus
247290EE729 special topics in electronics 3---On Campus
247502EE750 communication networks 3On Campus
247700EE770 wireless networking 3EquivalentBlended
247520EE752 error control coding 3---On Campus
247530EE753 optical fibber communications 3---On Campus
247541EE754 digital mobile communications 3---On Campus
247551EE755 detection and estimation theory 3---On Campus
247560EE756 advanced digital communications 3On Campus
247810EE781 wireless communications 3EquivalentOn Campus
247570EE757 spread spectrum communications 3---On Campus
247580EE758 information and coding theory 3---On Campus
247591EE759 special topics in communications 3---On Campus
247610EE761 spectral estimation 3---Blended
247620EE762 digital image processing 3---On Campus
247630EE763 multidimensional spectra 3---On Campus
247640EE764 multirate filtering and filter banks 3---On Campus
247650EE765 adaptive signal processing 3---On Campus
247660EE766 time frequency analysis 3---On Campus
247670EE767 neural networks 3---Electronic Course
247690EE769 special topics in digital signal processing 3---Blended