Nuclear Technology ImprovmentNE 2011View Syllabus
Fundamentals of Nuclear ScienceNE 2033View Syllabus
Applied Engineering StatisticsNE 2043View Syllabus
Introduction to Nuclear EngineeringNE 2063View Syllabus
Ionizing Radiation Detection &MeasurementNE 3113View Syllabus
Radiation Detection and Measurement Lab INE 3121View Syllabus
Radiation Protection and DosimeteryNE 3223View Syllabus
Nuclear Reactors TheoryNE 3403View Syllabus
Signals And Control SystemsNE 3513View Syllabus
Computational Techniques in Nuclear EngineeringNE 3723View Syllabus
Radiation Detection and Measurement Lab IINE 4131View Syllabus
Nuclear Reactors Thermal HydraulicsNE 4313View Syllabus
Nuclear Reactors AnalysisNE 4413View Syllabus
Nuclear Reactor LabNE 4483View Syllabus
Nuclear Power Plant Systems and Operations INE 4513View Syllabus
Nuclear Instrumentation & ControlNE 4523View Syllabus
Fuel Cycle and Waste ManagementNE 4603View Syllabus
Nuclear Reactor MaterialNE 4653View Syllabus
Radiation Interactions and Shielding DesignNE 4713View Syllabus
Modeling and Simulation of Nuclear ReactorsNE 4723View Syllabus
Nuclear Engineering SeminarNE 4821View Syllabus
Engineering TrainingNE 4903View Syllabus
Nuclear Reactor SafetyNE 5213View Syllabus
Graduation Project (1)NE 5911View Syllabus
Graduation Project (2)NE 5923View Syllabus