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Analytical Study of Gaseous Slip Flow in a Porous Two Dimensional Rectangular Microchannel Subjected to Inclined Magnetic Field (2022)
Khaleel Rasheed Al-khasawneh
Exergoeconomic Analysis and Optimization of a Variable Area Solar Ejector Cooling System in Harsh Climate (2022)
Bourhan Mohammad Taschtouch
Prediction of Spark-Ignition Internal Combustion Engine Performance using Artificial Neural Network (2022)
Hybrid fuel-assisted solar-powered Stirling engine for combined cooling, heating, and power systems (2022)
Khaled Mahmoud Bataineh
Evaluating the Potential Effects of Floating PV Systems on Energy Production and Quality and Supply of Water in Jordan (2020)
Mohamad Ismail Al-Widyan, Muna Ahmed Abu-Dalo