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Engineering Economics and managementME 3043Attachment
Thermodynamics (1)ME 3213Attachment
Engineering Workshop TheoriticalME 1031Attachment
StaticsME 2113Attachment
DynamicsME 2123Attachment
Design of thermal systemsME 5323
Mechatronics system DesignME 5333
Design of Renewable Energy systemsME 5353
Energy and EnvironmentME 5513Attachment
Renewable Energy LabME 5361Attachment
Bio FuelME 5523
Renewable EnergyME 5543
Industrial Heat ExchangersME 5563
Maintenance EngineeringME 5743
safety EngineeringME 5753
Engineering Project ManagementsME 5773
RefrigerationME 5823
Numerical Methods for EngineersME 3063Attachment
Sustainable Energy conversionME 5583
Gas DynamicsME 5403
Economics of Renewable Energy SystemME 5593
Thermo fluids LabME 4451Attachment
Mechanics of MachineryME 3113Attachment
Machine Design IME 3323Attachment
Mechanics of Materials LabME 3121Attachment
Fluid MechanicsME 3433Attachment
Thermodynamics (2)ME 3223Attachment
InstrumentationME 4713Attachment
Instrumentation and Dynamic Systems LabME 4721Attachment
Mechanical VibrationsME 4633Attachment
Automatic Control ME 4623Attachment
Machine Design IIME 4333Attachment
Introduction to Micro-Electro-Mechanical-SystemsME 520 3
AutotronicsME 5483
Water DesalinationME 5013
Engineering Drawing BME 2011Attachment
Mechanical DrawingME 2022Attachment
Applied Math for EngineersME 3053Attachment
Heat TransferME 4513Attachment
Engineering TrainingME 4923
Graduation Project IME 5911
Graduation Project IIME 5923
Automotive SystemME 5273
Thermal Power PlantsME 5283
Turbo machineryME 5443
Fuel and CombustionME 5243Attachment
Industrial AutomationME 5423
Aircraft Sensors and ActuatorsME 5463
Microcontrollers ApplicationsME 4253Attachment
Mechatronic LabME 5431Attachment
AcousticsME 5623
Fundamentals of Electronics and Digital LogicME 3203Attachment
Mechanics of Materials IIME 5143
Modeling, Simulation and Analysis of Physical systemsME 5153Attachment
Special Topics in Mechanical EngineeringME 594A3
Fluid Power controlME 5413
Engineering Workshop LabME 1001
Engineering Drawing AME 2001Attachment
Strength of MaterialsME 2143Attachment
Thermal Power LabME 5291
Mechatronics Lab IIME 5451Attachment
Control Systems LabME 4641Attachment
vision Technology for MechantronicsME 5023
Real Time SystemsME 5263
RoboticsME 5473
Introduction to Intelligent SystemsME 5493
Digital ControlME 5643
Finite Elements AnalysisME 5053
Projects in Mechanical designME 5932Attachment
Special Topics in Mechanical EngineeringME 594B2
Heating Ventilation and Air ConditioningME 5813Attachment
Special Topics in Mechanical EngineeringME 594C1
Solar Concentrated Energy SystemME 5533
Wind EnergyME 5553
Photovolatics Cells SystemME 5573