" Company-wide quality,lean six sigma as an enabler" lucture by Dr. Souraj Salah
11 Jul 2019

For any organization aiming to achieve operational excellence, it is important to ensure that a proper foundation for a company-wide quality (Cwa) culture exits.

This foundation is a comprehensive company-wide management system (CWMS) which can serve as an infrastructure for improving and controlling the different operation systems of any organization.

CWMS mainly draws on five MSs, strategic management, initiative management, daily management, process management, ​and performance management. It ensures the proper alignment of all people and processes, the optimization of resources and enhancement of performance. One key enabler of that is the Lean Six Sigma Methodology The proper implementation of this methodology will enhance the CWQ culture. This Seminar will cover CWMS, CWQ culture and the LSS culture-related aspects. It will also briefly cover innovation, quality principles and recommendations on IE education and research.​