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Production Processes

Lab Description

  Sand casting, special casting processes cold working and heat treatment, gas welding, electric arc welding , sheet metal forming and press working, CNC.

experiments list: 1-Introduction , safety, and Measurement Metrology Lab.
2-Casting: (1) Sand Casting Defects (2) Centrifugal and Shell Casting processes.
3-Welding: (1) TIG, MIG, CO2 welding, Plasma Cutting (2) Defects detection through DT & NDT.

4-Sheet Metal Forming Operations: Bending, rolling, beading, etc.
5-Plastics operations: Blow, centrifugal, injection Molding, and thermoforming.
6- Effect of cutting parameters on the cutting force (Drilling).
7-Machining (1) Drilling, shaping, turning, milling, etc.
8- Terms in machining operations , Gears manufacturing.
9-Wear measurement.
10-CNC machines: G-code Programming: Milling.
11-CNC machines: G-code Programming: Turning
12-Robotics and Design for Manufacturability.

Lab Location

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