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Lab Description

  Measurements with different micrometers & vernier measuring instruments, angular measurements, measuring tapered workpieces, measuring & checking dove tails, fixed, type gauges, checking for taper, roundness & concentricity of cylindrical workpieces, tool maker's microscope, optical projectors, wear in cutting tools , machine tools metrology, surface measurements. English technical report writing is also emphasized in this course   

experiments list:

1- Measurement with Different Micrometers and Vernier
2- Measuring Instruments
3-Angular measurement “ Combination Set and Vernier Bevel Protractor”
4-Angular Measurement “ Sin Bar”
5-Measuring Tapered Components
6-Measuring and Checking Dovetails
7-Checking for Taper, Roundness and Concentricity of Cylindrical Work Pieces.
8-Toolmaker’s Microscope
9-The Optical Projector
10-Machine Tools Metrology I
11-Machine Tools Metrology II
12-Surface Roughness Measurement

Lab Location

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