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Dynamics for Civil Engineers

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Learn kinematics of particles: rectilinear continuous and erratic motion, general curvilinear motion; rectangular, normal-tangential and cylindrical components, absolute dependent motion of two particles and relative motion of two particles. Learn kinetics of particles: force-acceleration, Newton's Laws of Motion, equations of motion; rectangular, normal-tangential, and cylindrical coordinates. Learn kinetics of particles: work-energy; principle of work and energy, work of a force, conservative forces, potential energy, elastic potential energy, and kinetic energy, conservation of energy. Learn kinetics of particles: impulse-momentum; principle of linear impulse and momentum, principle of an​gular impulse and momentum, conservation of linear momentum of system of particles, impact. Learn planar kinematics of rigid bodies; rigid body motion, translation, rotation about fixed axis, absolute general motion, relative motion, instantaneous center, and Introduction to structural dynamics. Pre: CE 201.​ 

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Course Syllabus 204/CE204.doc
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