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Chemical Processing Laboratory

Lab Description

This laboratory contains tubular, batch, series CSTR, fixed and fluidized bed reactors supporting practical components taught in courses such as Chemical Reaction engineering (I & II), Unit Operations, and Chemical Technology. Experiments performed in this lab include topics of relevance to the national interest in the country (in extractive metallurgy) such as oil leaching, size reduction, phosphoric and sulfuric acids production, and ion exchange.

The lab. features the following equipment/experiments: 

1. Reaction Kinetics in Batch Reactor.

2. Reaction in Tubular Reactor  reactor.

3. Reaction in CSTR.

4. Water Treatment.

5. Leaching of Oil from Plant Seeds.

6. Phosphoric Acid pProduction.

7. RTD in a Batch Reactor.

Lab Location

Building 336
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