Registration of a new patent for the University of Science and Technology
30 Sep 2020


A team from Jordan University of Science and Technology obtained a patent issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office for the design and manufacture of a device and the development of a method for transporting patients in hospitals.​

The patent was registered in the name of each of the master's student in industrial engineering, engineer Dina Walid Al-Qudah, Professor Dr. Wael Tayfour from the Department of Industrial Engineering, and Dr. Ruba Khanouf from the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Jordan University of Science and Technology.

Studies on the subject began with a review of occupational injury rates for hospital care workers, where studies have shown that this group is more susceptible than others to spinal injuries caused by the methods used to transfer patients from bed to bed or to any of the work platforms such as surgical and radiographic platforms.

In order to reach the optimal design of a device that ensures the reduction of forces affecting the body parts of those working on patient care, intuitive design theories have been used that depend on identifying the needs required in the design and finding scientific methods to achieve these needs and thus access to all alternatives to the required design, to then manufacture the design that was Select it and start experimenting under real use conditions

The usage experiments included measuring the forces on the various body joints while using the design prototype using a special device called the force measurement platform. Where the results showed that the rates of forces on the body of workers in transporting patients have decreased significantly despite the reduction of the number of participants in the process of transporting patients by half. It is worth noting that all the experiments conducted on the use of the device did not neglect to ensure that the use of the device did not affect the patient himself..