A lecture in the Biomedical Engineering Department entitled “The Success Story of a BME graduate”
07 Nov 2023


On November 7, 2023, the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the Jordan University of Science and Technology organized a lecture entitled “The Success Story of a Graduate of the Department of Biomedical Engineering,” presented by Engineer Hamza Abu Zureiq, and attended by a large number of the department’s students.

The lecture included ways for students to develop their skills and perseverance so that this would later be reflected in their performance and to face challenges in the labor market and solve them in the easiest ways. He also praised the role and importance of women as an essential part of the labor market. In addition, he explained that youth skill does not depend solely on the number of years work, but depends on the number of experiences that a person gains during his work and on the ability to organize time, balance, and focus in managing matters. In addition, doing volunteer work will highlight the person’s ability to work within a team and his love for acquiring new skills and facing challenges.

The engineer mentioned the latest developments in biomedical engineering and the trend toward integrating artificial intelligence into various fields of specialization due to its great importance in our current area. The audience interacted greatly with the lecture, as the open discussion and exchange of opinions and personal experiences enriched the importance of developing a person’s individual skills to be able to face the various difficulties he faces while working in local companies and institutions and developing ways to solve them.