Biomedical Signals and systemsBME3213compulsory
Biomedical InstrumentationBME 4113compulsory
Introdution to Biomedical Materials BME 4403compulsory
Biomedical Engineering DesignBME 4663compulsory
Biomechanics and Biomaterials Lab BME 5411compulsory
Cellular and Molecular Biotecnology BME 5513compulsory
Introduction to biomedical Engineering BME 2012compulsory
Introduction to Linear systems BME 2043compulsory
Tools for Biomedical EngineersBME 2301compulsory
Statistics for Biomedical EngineersBME 3013compulsory
Numerical Methods for Engineers BME 3023compulsory
Electric Circuits Lab BME 3111compulsory
Medical Electronics IBME 3133compulsory
Medical Electronics IIBME 3143compulsory
Biomechanics BME 3413compulsory
BioFluid MechanicsBME 3423compulsory
Biomedical Instrumentation Lab BME 4121compulsory
Biomedical SensorsBME 4133compulsory
Digital signal Processing BME 4213compulsory
Physiological Modeling and Control Systems BME 4313compulsory
Physiological Modeling and Control Systems Lab BME 4331compulsory
Biomedical Transport PhenomenonBME 4413compulsory
Medical Imaging SystemsBME 4603compulsory
Microcontroller and Embedded systems BME 4623compulsory
Sensors and Biomeasurements Lab BME 5111compulsory
Prosthetics and OrthoticsBME 5423Elective
Total Body and Occupational BiomechanicsBME 5443Elective
Control and Communication in the Nervous System BME 5623Elective
Diagnostic and Therapeutic Ultrasoundbme5633Elective
Magnetic Resonance ImagingBME 5653Elective
Microcontrollers and Embedded Systems LabBME 4641compulsory
thermodynamicsBME 3443compulsory