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Graduation Projects Lab

Lab Description

​Lab Engineer: Dima Bani Hani

The graduation project is a requirement for the BSc. degree in Biomedical Engineering. A student will develop and complete a project of educational significance under academic advisor guidance. Students are competent to register for the graduation project after successful completion of 117 C.H.

First the students have to explore a BME problem or issue within their field of study and apply their education to solving the problem during graduation project I (1 C.H.).  Then students perform the experimental and practical phases associated with solving the BME problem addressed in Senior Capstone Project I. Students produce a full technical report that documents the research, design, results, analysis, and recommendations of the study, followed by a final presentation and defense during graduation project II (3 C.H.)

The biomedical engineering graduation projects lab was setup to demonstrate and retain the projects of biomedical students. The lab helps the new biomedical students to benefit by their colleagues' experience and promotes new designs and projects in biomedical engineering.

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Graduation Projects Lab ​

Lab Location

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