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Microcontrollers and Embedded Systems Lab

Lab Description

Lab Engineer: Ruba Alomari

1 Credit hour (3 hrs lab)

The Experiments in microcontrollers and embedded system lab focus on design and implementation of several interfacing tasks; Interfacing with simple I/O devices like switches, LED, analog sensors, communicating with sensor modules with various communication protocols by using Arduino development boards.

Also it conducts experiments on bio potential signal acquisition and real time signal processing, virtual system design, cloud programming, simulation and debugging. 


The equipment used in this lab are:

  1. Arduino kit
  1. Desktop Computers


Lab Experiments:
  • Introduction to Arduino Boards
  • PC Serial Interface & PWM
  • Reading Digital Signals: Input Switches
  • Reading Analog signals: Sensors Interface
  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) & Cloud Simulation
  • Distance Measurement & System Calibration
  • Bio potentials and Servo Motors
  • Real-Time Signal Processing
  • Bluetooth Connection​

Handout Manual:

Lab Location

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