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Biomedical Instrumentation Lab

Lab Description

​Lab Engineer: Ruba Alomari

1 Credit hour (3 hrs lab) used to train engineers on principals of measurements errors and noise; sensor interface circuit calibration; signal conditioning, amplification, filtration, processing. It is used for teaching medical instrumentation; it contains one main unit and eight modules with a variety of cables and accessories. These modules provide basic monitoring circuitry: ECG, Blood Pressure, pulse rate, Photoplethysmogram measurement, Respiratory ventilation detection, Pulse meter and Body impedance detection.


The equipment used in this lab are:

  1. Biomedical Instrumentation Main unit (KL-72001)
  2. ECG Module
  3. Blood Pressure Module
  4. Photoplethsmograghy Module
  5. Respiratory Module
  6. Pulse meter Module
  7. Body Impedance Module
  8. Digital Multimeter
  9. Digital/Analog Oscilloscope
  10. Function Generator  


Lab Experiments:
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG) measurement (Part I)
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG) measurement (Part II)
  • Oscillometric Blood Pressure measurement (Part I)
  • Oscillometric Blood Pressure measurement (Part II)
  • Vessel volume measurement (Part I)
  • Vessel volume measurement (Part II)
  • Respiratory frequency measurement (Part I)
  • Respiratory frequency measurement (Part II)
  • Pulse measurement
  • Body impedance Measurement

Lab Location

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