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Medical Electronics Lab

Lab Description

​Lab Engineer: Dima Bani Hani

1 Credit hour (3 hrs lab) used for teaching electronic devices and circuits and to carry out class and design project and to conduct a wide range of experiments in biomedical engineering, such as power supplies, analysis and design of BJT and JFET amplifiers, operational amplifier circuits, frequency analysis, oscillator circuits, and active filters, digital and timing circuits, A/D and D /A conversion circuits.

 This lab has been used to train engineers on principals of maintenance electronic devices as well as advanced electronic circuits and applications.

The equipment used in this lab are:

  1. ​Powered Boards
  2. Digital Multimeter
  3. Analog and Digital Oscilloscopes
  4. DC Power Supplies
  5. Function Generators.
  6. Frequency Meterckt and electronics.png

Lab Experiments:
  • Diodes Characteristics and Applications
  • Common Emitter Amplifier and Characteristics
  • JFET Characteristics and Applications
  • Operational amplifier characteristics and applications
  • Active filters and Oscillator
  • Transistor as switching elements
  • TTL and CMOS Logic gates and interfacing
  • Multi vibrator using 555 Timers
  • Schmitt Trigger characteristics and wave form generations​

Handout Manual:


Lab Location

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