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Electric Circuits Lab

Lab Description

​Lab Engineer: Dima Bani Hani

1 Credit hour (3 hrs lab) used for teaching the techniques of circuit analysis and its applications. It covers experiments of resistors and resistive circuits, Potentiometers, Superposition principle, Thevenin theorem and maximum power transfer, RLC current and voltage characteristics, Frequency response of RL, RC and RLC circuits, Series and parallel resonant circuits, and a Lab project at the end of the lab

The equipment used in this lab are:

  1. Digital Multimeter
  2. Analog and Digital Oscilloscopes
  3. DC Power Supplies
  4. Function Generators
  5. RLC Meter
  6. Decade Resistance box
  7. Decade capacitance box
  8. Decade inductance box
  9. Breadboards​

ckt and electronics.png 

Lab Experiments:

  • Resistors, Potentiometers and Rheostats
  • DC circuit measurements: Kirchhoff's current and voltage laws, series, parallel and series-parallel circuits
  • laboratory Instrument Loading Effect Part-A: Current-limited DC power supply characteristics, circuit loading by measurement equipment
  • DC circuit analysis: Mesh and nodal analysis, superposition, Thevenin's and maximum power transfer theorems, source transformations
  • laboratory Instrument Loading Effect Part-B: circuit loading by measurement equipment
  • Circuits Inductance, Capacitance I-V Relations and Transients in RL and RC
  • Transients in RLC Circuits: the under-damped, critically-damped, and over-damped cases.
  • Sinusoidal AC circuit measurements: Phase angle, average power and power factor (p.f.), phasors, Thevenin's and maximum power transfer theorems​.
 Handout Manual:

Lab Location

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