University Compulsory Req. (16) Hours:
Line No.CodeCourseHoursPrerequisiteTeaching Method
801012ARB101 arabic language 3Blended
801010ARB101 arabic language i 3EquivalentOn Campus
801031ARB103 applied arabic language studies 1Electronic Course
821000HSS100 culture and university behavior 1EquivalentBlended
811111ENG111 english language (1) 3On Campus
810990ENG099 english language (remedial course) 3Prerequisite / PassOn Campus
811110ENG111 communication skills i 3EquivalentOn Campus
2510990LG099 english language (remedial course) 3Prerequisite / PassBlended
2511110LG111 english language (1) 3EquivalentOn Campus
811121ENG112 english language(2) 3On Campus
811111ENG111 english language (1) 3Prerequisite / StudyOn Campus
811120ENG112 communication skills ii 3EquivalentOn Campus
2511010LG101 communication skills in english 3EquivalentBlended
2511110LG111 english language (1) 3Prerequisite / StudyOn Campus
2511120LG112 english language (2) 3EquivalentBlended
841000MS100 military sciences 3---Blended
1741000CIs100 computer skills 3Electronic Course
901111MATH111A introduction to computers 3EquivalentOn Campus
941000CS100 computer skills 3EquivalentOn Campus
941111CS111A introduction to computers 3EquivalentOn Campus
1721000CS100 computer skills 3EquivalentOn Campus

University Elective Req. (9) Hours:
Line No.CodeCourseHoursPrerequisiteTeaching Method
181030PH103 environment protection( 3---On Campus
181040PH104 community health and nutrition 3---On Campus
182002PH200 first aid 3On Campus
182001PH200 first aid 3EquivalentOn Campus
221910CHE191 introduction to the nanotechnology 3---On Campus
251020ME102 introduction to renewable energy (for non mechanical engineering students) 3---Electronic Course
252113ME211 fundamentals of automobile engineering (for non-mechanical engineering students) 3Blended
252114ME211 introduction automobile mechanics 3EquivalentBlended
252114ME211 introduction automobile mechanics 3Blended
252113ME211 fundamentals of automobile engineering (for non-mechanical engineering students) 3EquivalentBlended
301041PHAR104 drugs & medicinal plants in jordan 3---On Campus
401000NUR100 health promotion (for non medicine ,nursing and midwifery students) 3---Blended
401051NUR105 quality control infection control and patient safety 3---Blended
401090NUR109 family health 3---Blended
612000AP200 farm animal products and production (for non agriculture and veterinary students) 3Electronic Course
612001AP200 farm animal products (for non animal production and nutrition and food technology students) 3EquivalentElectronic Course
622000PP200 home gardens (for non agriculture students) 3Electronic Course
622001PP200 home gardens (for non plant production and soil and irrigation students) 3EquivalentElectronic Course
622010PP201 bee keeping (for non agriculture students) 3Electronic Course
622011PP201 beekeeping (for non plant production students) 3EquivalentElectronic Course
622020PP202 natural plants of jordan (for non agriculture students) 3---Electronic Course
631770NF177NF food preservation "in english" (for non nutrition and food technology students) 3---Electronic Course
642000NR200 natural resources and man (for non agriculture students) 3On Campus
642001NR200 natural resources and man (for non plant production and soil and irrigation students) 3EquivalentOn Campus
642070NR207 planet earth problems & solutions (for non agriculture students) 3On Campus
642071NR207 earth problems and solutions (for non plant productions and soil irrigation students) 3EquivalentOn Campus
662110VM211 animal health (not for veterinary medical and agriculture students) 3---Electronic Course
662120VM212 pet animal care 3---Electronic Course
662130VM213 animal behaviour and welfare 3---Electronic Course
662140VM214 animal products and public health(for non veterinary students) 3---Electronic Course
802000ARB200 appreciation of literary texts 3---Blended
821032HSS103 the palestinian issue 3---Blended
821121HSS112 al hadith al shareef 3---On Campus
821130HSS113 faith 3---On Campus
821140HSS114 fekeh 3---On Campus
821150HSS115 islam and recent problems 3---On Campus
821160HSS116 economic system in islam 3---Blended
821211HSS121 principles of sociology 3Blended
822110HSS211 sociology (in english) 3EquivalentBlended
821220HSS122 intr to anthropology 3---On Campus
821230HSS123 introduction to educational science 3---On Campus
821240HSS124 education system in jordan 3---On Campus
821250HSS125 intr to philosophy 3---On Campus
821260HSS126 principles of psychology 3Blended
822210HSS221 introduction to psychology (in english) 3EquivalentBlended
822211HSS221A principles of psychology 3EquivalentBlended
821270HSS127 educational technology 3---On Campus
821280HSS128 national education 3---On Campus
821311HSS131 islamic civilization 3---Blended
821321HSS132 the history of the city of jerusalem 3---Blended
821330HSS133 civilization and recent cultures 3---On Campus
821340HSS134 human rights basic liberties 3---On Campus
821350HSS135 islamic culture 3---Blended
821360HSS136 the law in our life 3---Blended
821370HSS137 human rights 3---Blended
821411HSS141 introduction to economics 3---Blended
821420HSS142 library and information research 3---On Campus
821511HSS151 introduction to management sciences 3---Blended
821531HSS153 islam and contemporary challenges 3---Blended
821611HSS161 contemporary problems 3---Blended
821660HSS166 man and science 3---On Campus
821820HSS182 studies on women 3---On Campus
822110HSS211 sociology (in english) 3---Blended
822120HSS212 arab society 3---On Campus
822130HSS213 individual and society 3---Blended
822160HSS216 international global issues 3---On Campus
822210HSS221 introduction to psychology (in english) 3---Blended
822220HSS222 creativity and problems solving 3---On Campus
822240HSS224 leadership and comm. skills 3---Electronic Course
822310HSS231 history of sciences in islam 3---Blended
822410HSS241 economy in the third world 3---On Campus
822420HSS242 information and research 3---On Campus
822500HSS250 the history of music 3---On Campus
822511HSS251 music tasting 3---On Campus
823010HSS301 principles of enterpreneurship 3---On Campus
824290HSS429 the science of children behavior 3---On Campus
971030ES103 environment protection (for non environmental sciences students) 3---On Campus
1111000P.T100 wellness and life styles (not for physical & occupational therapy) 3---Blended
1121000O.T100 disability and the society(not allowed for rehabilition science dep.students) 3---Blended
2511050LG105 basic french language 3On Campus
821050HSS105 basic french language 3EquivalentOn Campus
2511060LG106 basic german language 3On Campus
821060HSS106 basic german language 3EquivalentOn Campus

Faculty Compulsory Req. (188) Hours:
Line No.CodeCourseHoursPrerequisiteTeaching Method
101231MED123A human physiology for students of dentistry 3Blended
101320MED132 general physiology 3EquivalentOn Campus
102303MED230A human physiology 3EquivalentOn Campus
102304MED230A human physiology 3EquivalentBlended
101232MED123B human physiology lab for students of dentistry 1Blended
102305MED230B human physiology (lab) 1EquivalentBlended
102113MED211A molecular genetics 3---Blended
102152MED215A general anatomy & embryology 3---Blended
102153MED215B general anatomy & embryology (lab) 1---Blended
102162MED216 general histology 4---Blended
102163MED216 general histology (lab) 0Blended
102162MED216 general histology 4ConcurrentBlended
102172MED217A head and neck anatomy 3---Blended
102173MED217B head and neck anatomy (lab) 1---Blended
102310MED231 general pathology 3---Blended
102311MED231 general pathology (lab) 0On Campus
102310MED231 general pathology 3ConcurrentBlended
102320MED232 immunology 3Electronic Course
101330MED133 immunology 3EquivalentElectronic Course
102650MED265 general microbiology 3---On Campus
102651MED265 general microbiology (lab) 0Electronic Course
102650MED265 general microbiology 3ConcurrentOn Campus
103514MED351 general pharmacology 3Blended
102512MED251 general pharmacology 3EquivalentOn Campus
103720MED372 pathophysiology 3---Blended
103730MED373 general internal medicine 2---Blended
103740MED374 general surgery & anaesthesia 2---Blended
103910MED391 biostatistics 2Electronic Course
183111PH311 biostatistics 2EquivalentElectronic Course
501010DENT101 intro. to dentistry 2---On Campus
502020DENT202 dental anatomy and occlusion 3---Blended
502021DENT202 dental anatomy and occlusion (lab) 0On Campus
502020DENT202 dental anatomy and occlusion 3ConcurrentBlended
502031DENT203 dental materials (1) 2---Blended
502032DENT203 dental materials (lab) 0Blended
502031DENT203 dental materials (1) 2ConcurrentBlended
502060DENT206 oral histology 3---On Campus
502061DENT206 oral histology (lab) 0On Campus
502060DENT206 oral histology 3ConcurrentOn Campus
502070DENT207 oral physiology 1On Campus
502022DENT202 oral physiology 1EquivalentOn Campus
502112DENT211 cariology 1Electronic Course
502400DENT240 fundamentals of dental caries 1EquivalentElectronic Course
503030DENT303 dental ethics and jurisprudence 1Electronic Course
503150DENT315 dental ethics and jurisprudence 1EquivalentElectronic Course
503050DENT305 dental materials (2) 2---Electronic Course
503111DENT311 oral epidemiology 1Electronic Course
503112DENT311 basic infection control measures 1EquivalentElectronic Course
503130DENT313 research method 1On Campus
503170DENT317 dental therapeutics 1EquivalentElectronic Course
503251DENT325 oral radiology (1) 1---Electronic Course
503350DENT335 conservative dentistry (1) 4---Blended
503351DENT335 conservative dentistry (1)lab 0On Campus
503350DENT335 conservative dentistry (1) 4ConcurrentBlended
503360DENT336 conservative dentistry (2) 4---On Campus
503362DENT336 conservative dentistry 2 (lab) 0On Campus
503360DENT336 conservative dentistry (2) 4ConcurrentOn Campus
503370DENT337 conservative dentistry (3) 1---On Campus
503430DENT343 removable prosthodontics (1) 4---Blended
503431DENT343 removable prosthodontics (1) lab 0Blended
503430DENT343 removable prosthodontics (1) 4ConcurrentBlended
503440DENT344 removable prosthodontics (2) 4---Blended
503441DENT344 removable prosthodontics 2 (lab) 0Blended
503440DENT344 removable prosthodontics (2) 4ConcurrentBlended
503450DENT345 removable prosthodontics (3) 1---On Campus
503550DENT355 oral pathology (1) 3---Blended
503551DENT355 oral pathology (1) 0Blended
503550DENT355 oral pathology (1) 3ConcurrentBlended
503560DENT356 oral pathology (2) 3---Blended
503561DENT356 oral pathology 2 (lab) 0Blended
503560DENT356 oral pathology (2) 3ConcurrentBlended
503613DENT361 paediatric dentistry (1) 1---On Campus
503711DENT371 periodontology (1) 1---On Campus
503812DENT381 oral surgery & anaesthesia 1On Campus
503813DENT381 dental anesthesia and sedation 1EquivalentElectronic Course
504120DENT412 preventive dentistry 2---Electronic Course
504130DENT413 research project 2---Blended
504230DENT423 oral diagnosis (1) 2---On Campus
504231DENT423 oral diagnosis (1) lab 0On Campus
504230DENT423 oral diagnosis (1) 2ConcurrentOn Campus
504240DENT424 oral diagnosis (2) 1---On Campus
504241DENT424 oral diagnosis (2) lab 0On Campus
504240DENT424 oral diagnosis (2) 1ConcurrentOn Campus
504250DENT425 oral radiology (2) 2---On Campus
504251DENT425 oral radiology (2) lab 0On Campus
504250DENT425 oral radiology (2) 2ConcurrentOn Campus
504341DENT434 crown and bridge work 1On Campus
504342DENT434 fixed prosthodontics 1EquivalentOn Campus
504651DENT465 fixed prosthodontics 1EquivalentOn Campus
504370DENT437 conservative dentistry (4) 4---On Campus
504371DENT437 conservative dentistry (4) lab 0On Campus
504370DENT437 conservative dentistry (4) 4ConcurrentOn Campus
504380DENT438 conservative dentistry (5) 2---On Campus
504381DENT438 conservative dentistry (5) lab 0On Campus
504380DENT438 conservative dentistry (5) 2ConcurrentOn Campus
504390DENT439 conservative dentistry (6) 3---On Campus
504450DENT445 removable prosthodontics (4) 3---On Campus
504451DENT445 removable prosthodontics (4) lab 0On Campus
504450DENT445 removable prosthodontics (4) 3ConcurrentOn Campus
504460DENT446 removable prosthodontics (5) 3---On Campus
504461DENT446 removable prosthodontics (5) lab 0On Campus
504460DENT446 removable prosthodontics (5) 3ConcurrentOn Campus
504471DENT447 fixed prosthodontics (practical) 1On Campus
504470DENT447 removable prosthodontics (6) 1EquivalentOn Campus
504512DENT451 oral medicine (1) 2---Electronic Course
504513DENT451 oral medicine (1) 0Electronic Course
504512DENT451 oral medicine (1) 2ConcurrentElectronic Course
504612DENT461 paediatric dentistry (2) 2On Campus
504315DENT431 paediatric dentistry ii 2EquivalentOn Campus
504613DENT461 paediatric dentistry (2) lab 0On Campus
504316DENT431 paediatric dentistry ii(lab) 0EquivalentOn Campus
504612DENT461 paediatric dentistry (2) 2ConcurrentOn Campus
504622DENT462 paediatric dentistry (3) 2On Campus
504322DENT432 paediatric dentistry iii 2EquivalentBlended
504623DENT462 paediatric dentistry (3) lab 0On Campus
504323DENT432 paediatric dentistry iii(lab) 0EquivalentOn Campus
504622DENT462 paediatric dentistry (3) 2ConcurrentOn Campus
504650DENT465 paediatric dentistry (4) 1---On Campus
504712DENT471 periodontology (2) 2---On Campus
504713DENT471 periodontology (2) lab 0On Campus
504712DENT471 periodontology (2) 2ConcurrentOn Campus
504722DENT472 periodontology (3) 2---Blended
504724DENT472 periodontology (3) lab 0On Campus
504722DENT472 periodontology (3) 2ConcurrentBlended
504723DENT472 periodontology (3) lab 0EquivalentOn Campus
504750DENT475 periodontology (4) 1---On Campus
504812DENT481 oral surgery (1) 2On Campus
504832DENT483 oral surgery i 2EquivalentOn Campus
504813DENT481 oral surgery (1) lab 0On Campus
504812DENT481 oral surgery (1) 2ConcurrentOn Campus
504833DENT483 oral surgery i(lab) 0EquivalentOn Campus
504823DENT482 oral surgery (2) 2On Campus
504841DENT484 oral surgery ii 2EquivalentBlended
504824DENT482 oral surgery (2) lab 0On Campus
504823DENT482 oral surgery (2) 2ConcurrentOn Campus
504842DENT484 oral surgery ii(lab) 0EquivalentOn Campus
504831DENT483 oral surgery (3) 1---On Campus
504912DENT491 orthodontics (1) 2---On Campus
504913DENT491 orthodontics (1) lab 0On Campus
504912DENT491 orthodontics (1) 2ConcurrentOn Campus
504922DENT492 orthodontics (2) 2On Campus
504921DENT492 orthodontics (2) 2EquivalentBlended
504924DENT492 orthodontics (2) lab 0On Campus
504922DENT492 orthodontics (2) 2ConcurrentOn Campus
504923DENT492 orthodontics (2) lab 0EquivalentOn Campus
504930DENT493 orthodontics (3) 1---On Campus
505170DENT517 oral implantology (1) 1Blended
505181DENT518 oral implantology 1EquivalentBlended
505190DENT519 oral implantology 2EquivalentOn Campus
505180DENT518 oral implantology (2) 1Blended
505160DENT516 dental practice management 1EquivalentBlended
505190DENT519 oral implantology 2EquivalentOn Campus
505211DENT521 oral radiology (3) 1---On Campus
505221DENT522 oral radiology (4) 1---On Campus
505231DENT523 oral diagnosis (3) 1---On Campus
505241DENT524 oral diagnosis (4) 1---On Campus
505350DENT535 conservative dentistry (7) 3---On Campus
505351DENT535 conservative dentistry (7) (lab) 0On Campus
505350DENT535 conservative dentistry (7) 3ConcurrentOn Campus
505360DENT536 conservative dentistry (8) 3---On Campus
505452DENT545 prosthdontics (1) 3On Campus
505450DENT545 removable prosthodontics (7) 3EquivalentOn Campus
505453DENT545 prosthdontics (1) (lab) 0On Campus
505452DENT545 prosthdontics (1) 3ConcurrentOn Campus
505462DENT546 prosthdontics (2) 3On Campus
505460DENT546 removable prosthodontics (8) 3EquivalentOn Campus
505463DENT546 prosthodontics 2(lab) 0On Campus
505462DENT546 prosthdontics (2) 3ConcurrentOn Campus
505550DENT555 oral medicine (2) 2---Blended
505551DENT555 oral medicine (2) (lab) 0On Campus
505550DENT555 oral medicine (2) 2ConcurrentBlended
505560DENT556 oral medicine (3) 1---On Campus
505650DENT565 paediatric dentistry (5) 2On Campus
505330DENT533 paediatric dentistry iv 2EquivalentBlended
505651DENT565 paediatric dentistry (5) (lab) 0On Campus
505331DENT533 paediatric dentistry iv(lab) 0EquivalentOn Campus
505650DENT565 paediatric dentistry (5) 2ConcurrentOn Campus
505660DENT566 paediatric dentistry (6) 2---On Campus
505750DENT575 periodontology (5) 2On Campus
505730DENT573 periodontology iv 2EquivalentBlended
505751DENT575 periodontology (5) (lab) 0On Campus
505731DENT573 periodontology iv(lab) 0EquivalentOn Campus
505750DENT575 periodontology (5) 2ConcurrentOn Campus
505760DENT576 periodontology (6) 2---On Campus
505850DENT585 oral and maxillofacial surgery (1) 2---Blended
505851DENT585 oral and maxillofacial surgery (1) (lab) 0On Campus
505850DENT585 oral and maxillofacial surgery (1) 2ConcurrentBlended
505860DENT586 oral and maxillofacial surgery (2) 2---Blended
505861DENT586 oral and maxillofacial surgery (2) 0On Campus
505860DENT586 oral and maxillofacial surgery (2) 2ConcurrentBlended
505950DENT595 orthodontics (4) 1On Campus
505930DENT593 orthodontics iii 1EquivalentOn Campus
505960DENT596 orthodontics (5) 1On Campus
505940DENT594 orthodontics iv 1EquivalentOn Campus
911031CHEM103 general chemistry 3On Campus
911010CHEM101 general chemistry (i) 3EquivalentOn Campus
911020CHEM102 general chemistry (2) 3EquivalentOn Campus
912170CHEM217 organic chemistry 3Blended
911031CHEM103 general chemistry 3Prerequisite / StudyOn Campus
912620CHEM262 biochemistry 3Electronic Course
101230MED123 general biochemistry 3EquivalentOn Campus
102222MED222 biochemistry 3EquivalentBlended
912660CHEM266 biochemistry (lab) 1Blended
102234MED223 biochemistry (lab) 1EquivalentBlended
921031PHY103 general physics 3On Campus
921010PHY101 general physics (1) 3EquivalentOn Campus
921020PHY102 general physics (2) 3EquivalentOn Campus
931030BIO103 general biology 3On Campus
931010BIO101 general biology (1) 3EquivalentOn Campus
961030BT103 general biology 3EquivalentOn Campus
931070BIO107 general biology lab 1On Campus
931030BIO103 general biology 3Pre./Con.On Campus
961070BT107 general biology laboratory 1EquivalentBlended
1731160CS116 selected programming languages (for non computer science information students) 3Electronic Course
1721160CS116 selected programming languages (for non computer and science information students) 3EquivalentOn Campus
1741000CIs100 computer skills 3Prerequisite / StudyElectronic Course