Research Projects

Orthodontic specialists view regarding post-Covid-19 orthodontic practice recovery in Jordan and United Kingdom: A comparative study (2021)
Elham Saleh Abu Alhaija
Morphological analysis of the maxillary sinus in maxillary displaced canine subjects: A cone beam computed tomography (2020)
Elham Saleh Abu Alhaija
Online Survey on possible psychological effects of COVID-19 on Dental students (2020)
Rola Abed Al Raheem Al Habashneh, Anas Nayef Alibrahim
A Survey of Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Dental Students in Relation to Child Abuse (2019)
Ola Barakat Al-Batayneh
Antimicrobial susceptibility, biofilm formation capacity and incidence of virulence genes of Enterococcus faecalis isolated from Jordanian patients with periodontitis, dental implants and secondary root canal infections. (2019)
Rola Abed Al Raheem Al Habashneh, Muhamad Ali Khalil Shakhatreh