A Spatial Design Art Installation at Jordan University of Science and Technology
04 Jul 2017

As part of a course titled Special Topics in Architecture given by Arch Nida Alhamzeh, She and her students and some faculty members from the College of Architecture and Design worked on installing the structure which she called Ingress at the A square in the university. This installation was designed by the architect as an initiative which she thought would add to the layout of the square and the university.

Architect and engineer Nida Alhamzeh said that the concept of the structure started as outlining the paths which people in the square use. The lines of circulation were emphasized by creating three large walls made completely out of wood pallets as an element of design. Since this installation has been realized, Arch. Alhamzeh sees it becoming an interesting spot were students could meet and gather in the shade it is creating. They could also use the sitting places which she and her students added as part of the design.

The installation Ingress marks an active place at the College of Architecture and Design and the Chair of the department of architecture Dr. Shouib Ma'bdeh mentioned that this installation is one of a kind. It adds so much to the idea of education and to the learning process as a whole.

Arch. Nida Alhamzeh added that this project she created aims to train the students to find solutions to the design problems they face; it showed the students to a real process and what it takes to create a 1:1 scaled structure. This project also helped the students in realizing how efficient it is to use recycled materials and how it is possible to reuse pallets in a design. One of the most important goals of this project which Arch. Nida is so proud in achieving was the fact that the students and an instructor of lecturer could work together on building something functional and creative at the same time.

The Installation Ingress stands in the square as a temporary art/architecture project ready to be put apart and used as parts in creating yet another creative design