M.Sc of Medical laboratory sciences - (2023)
Department Compulsory Req. (19) Hours:
Line No.CodeCourseHoursPrerequisiteTeaching Method
177110LM711 advanced medical laboratory management and quality assurance 2---Electronic Course
177140LM714 research methods and ethics 2---Blended
177160LM716 biostatistics 1---On Campus
177410LM741 advanced diagnostic microbiology 3---On Campus
177420LM742 advanced clinical immunology 2---Blended
177531LM753 advanced diagnostic hematology i 3---Blended
177610LM761 advanced clinical chemistry 1 3On Campus
177230LM723 advanced clinical biochemistry i 3EquivalentOn Campus
177810LM781 advanced diognostic molecular biology 3---On Campus

Department Elective Req. (6) Hours:
Line No.CodeCourseHoursPrerequisiteTeaching Method
177400LM740 advanced training in microbiology and immunology 3---On Campus
177430LM743 advanced medical bacteriology 3---On Campus
177440LM744 advanced medical virology 3---On Campus
177450LM745 advanced medical parasitology 3---On Campus
177460LM746 special topics in medical immunology 3---On Campus
177470LM747 special topics in medical microbiology 3---On Campus
177500LM750 advanced training in hematology and blood banking 3---On Campus
177541LM754 advanced diagnostic hematology ii 3---On Campus
177551LM755 advanced immunohematology and blood banking 3---On Campus
177560LM756 special topics in hematology 3---On Campus
177570LM757 special topics in blood banking 3---On Campus
177600LM760 advanced training in clinical chemistry 3---On Campus
177620LM762 advanced clinical chemistry ii 3---On Campus
177630LM763 advanced diagnostic endocrinology and diabetes 3---On Campus
177640LM764 advanced methods in clinical bio-analytical chemistry 3---On Campus
177650LM765 advanced clinical toxicology and therapeutic drug monitoring 3---On Campus
177660LM766 advanced biochemistry 3---On Campus
177800LM780 advanced training in diagnostic human genetics 3---On Campus
177820LM782 diagnostic human genetics 3---On Campus
177830LM783 advanced human genetics 3---On Campus
177841LM784 advanced medical cytogenetics 3---On Campus
177860LM786 special topics in human genetics 3---On Campus

Specialization Compulsory Req. (9) Hours:
Line No.CodeCourseHoursPrerequisiteTeaching Method
177996LM799A master thesis 9---On Campus
177997LM799B master thesis 6---On Campus
177998LM799C master thesis 3---On Campus
177999LM799D master thesis 0---On Campus