A Global Accreditation for the Physiotherapy Specialty in Jordan University of Science and Technology
11 May 2018

The College of Applied Medical Sciences in the university has received an accreditation from the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) in London, the world's most recognized international accreditation. This accreditation came after the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences had obtained the British International Accreditation (ASIC), and the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WFOT), and the American Medical Laboratory Therapy (AMT).
The physiotherapy specialty in the university includes two graduate programs, the first is in the clinical rehabilitation sciences, which is supported by the Erasmus Plus program with a grant of one million euros, and the second is the master program in physiotherapy.
From his part, the Dean of the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences Prof. Mohammed Al-Jarrah said that this accreditation will increase the global specialization of the college and will be reflected positively on the international reputation of Jordan University of Science and Technology, and therefore, it will attract the Arab and the foreign students and the international competencies that are consistent with the University's vision to achieve a global reputation.
In addition, Prof. Al- Jarrah thanked all the faculty members, the employees and the students in the University for their outstanding work and their continuous efforts to obtain this international academic accreditation and this remarkable achievement. He also added that the university will continue its work to ensure the progress and the prosperity for the university. 
It is worth to mention here that the cost of this global accreditation for the physiotherapy specialty is about 35 thousand dollars; the college received a grant from the USAID to cover the full cost of this accreditation. The physiotherapy course includes the best faculty members who graduated from the top universities in the world.​