Open Medical Day in Al-Hasan Sport City
20 Nov 2022

The Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences has organized an Open Medical Day that coincided with the World Children's Day 2022, which occurs each year on November 20th. The Open Day included activities prepared by volunteers from the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, Medical Laboratory Sciences, Allied Medical Sciences, and Applied Dental Sciences.


Special thanks to Prof. Ahmed Al-Ajlouni, Vice President of JUST, for attending this event and enormous thanks to Prof. Nihaya Al-Shayab, Dean of the Faculty, for her efforts in organizing this event. Also, thanks a lot to our faculty staff and students for their efforts and creativity in the participation and implementation of this open day.


Finally, we extend our thanks to our strategic community partners from the Public Security Directorate, the Anti-Narcotics Administration, the Irbid Health Directorate, Al-Hassan City for Youth, the administration of the Nusaiba Al-Maziniya College of Nursing, and all the sponsors and volunteers. ​