Open Medical Day in Taibah
29 Oct 2022

​​The Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences organized an open medical day in the town of Taibah - Irbid, in collaboration with the Jordan River Foundation and the Giving Ambassadors Charitable Organization, and with generous hosting from the Taibah Women's Youth Center. The medical day included blood tests, dental screening, hearing tests, and vision screening. The paramedics' volunteers provided a CPR training session and the physical and occupational therapy volunteers provided consultations. In addition, the activities included a lecture to raise awareness about breast cancer and early detection means.

Professor Nihaya Al-Sheyab, Dean of the Faculty, stated that such medical days come inline with the policy of the Jordan University of Science and Technology for community service and based on the directives of the University Presidency, which gives special attention to providing such services. The dean of the faculty, heads of departments and a group of faculty members and students participated in this day