Jordan University of Science and Technology Launches an Awareness Campaign Against Smoking
31 May 2022

The Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences has organized an awareness campaign against smoking on Tuesday May 31st, 2022 at Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST), as a part of the Independence Day celebrations and coinciding with the World Smoking Cessation Day.

Professor Suhad Al-Jundi, Vice President of JUST, said that this campaign affirms the university's objectives of creating a healthy environment for all university staff and students through holding courses and educational campaigns dealing with the negative consequences of smoking. Al-Jundi praised the awareness of students, who carried out anti-smoking campaigns to raise awareness about the risks of smoking on the individual and societal levels, calling on students to continue their positive initiatives and to be a role model for their peers.

Professor Nihaya Al-Sheyab, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, said this campaign comes as a part of the students' activities and a part of the university's educational system, which aims to educate students and university staff about the dangers of smoking, secondhand smoke, and its countless subsequent health problems.

The campaign included a segment "Ask your doctor" presented by Professor Nihaya Al-Shayab, Dr. Ahmed Tarifi and Dr. Samah Shatnawe urging students to quit smoking. Other activities were provided by students about smoking and its negative impact on the respiratory system, eyes, mouth, teeth and ways to quit it, and panels showing chemicals found in tobacco, brochures about smoking and its dangers and how to quit smoking.

Students participating in the campaign provided a detailed explanation of smoking and its harmful components, including nicotine and carbon monoxide, as well as its deadly effects on human health, where 90% of lung cancer deaths are considered to be caused by smoking.​