ASIC Accreditation Renewal for the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences
10 May 2022

​The British Accreditation Service for International Colleges (ASIC) has renewed its international accreditation for all programs offered through the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences at Jordan University of Science and Technology as a distinguished college for an additional two years, and until December 2025. Professor Nihaya Al-Sheyab, the Dean of the Faculty, has emphasized that this renewal of accreditation will maintain the continuity of the distinguished global reputation of the faculty including all specializations, which in turn will positively influence the ranking of the university on the international, regional, and local levels. This accreditation will also contribute to further attracting Arab and foreign students, as well as international teaching competencies, which complements the university's vision and mission.

The Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences offers bachelor's degree programs in many fields of study including physical therapy, occupational therapy, audiology and speech, paramedics, radiology technology, respiratory therapy, anesthesia technology, optometry, dental technology, applied dental sciences, and medical laboratory sciences. The faculty also offers master's degree programs in medical laboratory sciences with four different tracks of study, physical therapy, clinical rehabilitation sciences, and radiology technology.