Master’s Degree Scholarships – Examination Date
09 Sep 2021

An examination will be held in the Department of Allied Medical Sciences, Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences among applicants for the of scholarships to obtain a master's degree in the following fields of study:

  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Anesthesia Technology
  • Radiology Technology

The exam will be held on Thursday, September 16, 2021at 1:00 pm, on the campus of the Jordan University of Science and Technology according to the following table:

Field of StudyExam Classroom
Respiratory TherapyNB66 - Classroom
Anesthesia TechnologyNB63 - Classroom
Radiology TechnologySA1 – Deanship of Student Affairs



- Please note that each exam consists of 50 questions.

- The exam grade will account for 20% of the applicant's total score.

- Applicants who meet the eligibility criteria and have uploaded all the required documents will be considered for the scholarship, otherwise the application will be excluded.

- Please plan on arriving 15 minutes before the exam time.

All exam takers are required to adhere to public safety instructions including wearing a mask and bringing personal identification card.​​