Community Service: Free Medical Day in Alramtha

As a part of the long lasting commitment to providing community services, the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences at JUST organized a “Free Medical Day” at Jumana Bent Abi-Taleb secondary school in Alramtha city on Thursday the 13th of Nov 2014. The event was in collaboration with the Education Director of Alramtha District.

The event included different medical stations that were used to introduce the school students and teachers to the different medical tests and to provide free health check. The medical stations included medical tests for RBC count, blood sugar level and pressure, fat level, vision, speech and hearing and many others. The event also included a number of medical awareness lectures presented by the faculty staff, such as the awareness of diabetes; obesity; and blood pressure, the correct way of carrying the school bag, how to toothbrush, nutrition and infection control, and the proper use of antibiotics.

JUST Vice President Dr. Ahmad Batiha, who honoured the event, commented “such events come within the vision of JUST to serve and develop the local community. JUST supports the events that benefit the local community in order to activate its interactive role in the community”.
The Dean of the faculty Prof. Yousef Khader, attended the event and commented “such events fall within the overall objectives of the faculty which can be achieved through a number of programs that emerge the different faculty disciplines, and through providing the opportunity for the students to participate in the implementation in collaboration with the faculty members. This should promote the students' sense of responsibility and gaining real-life practical skills”.
The coordinator of the event the Vice Dean Dr. Saleem Bani-Hani said that the event benefited about 300 students in addition to teachers and a number of community members, and that the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences always strives to provide services to the local community.
At the end of the event Miss Nahla Bashabsheh, the Director of the School, presented her gratitude to the participants and their role in the success of the medical day, and added that the student families value and appreciate their efforts toward the local community.