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The Faculty of Applied Medical Science held a workshop entitled “Low vision and vision rehabilitation” through the Department of Allied Medical Science from the 4th of August to the 24th of September.
The workshop was coordinated by Miss Izdihar Salman (Bsc, MOpt), a lecturer in the BSc of Optometry course. The workshop was intended for the Ophthalmologists working at Princess Basma Hospital and aimed to introduce them to the international classification of low vision and blindness, visual assessment of low vision, prescription of low vision aids and low vision rehabilitation. The workshop included a combination of theoretical lectures and practical training spanned for 50 hours throughout the workshop period.
At the end of the workshop certificates were presented for the attendees by the Dean of the faculty, Prof. Yousef Khader, in the presence of the Head of the Allied Medical Sciences Department, Dr. Haytham Owiedat, and the Head of the Ophthalmology Department at Princess Basma Hospital, Dr. Ryad Obeidat, who presented his gratitude to Prof. Yousef Khader and Izdihar Salman for the well organised and successful workshop.