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‚ÄčOn Thursday 27th of November, 2014, The Department of Applied Dental Sciences/ Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences/ JUST hold an Oral Health Educational Day at Hartha Elementary School for Girls/ Hartha /Irbid. The Faculty Dean Prof Yousef Khader stated that this day came as part of the university important role in the community service and to increase the dental and oral health awareness among school students.
The event coordinators; Instructors Suhair Obeidat and Arwa Mahasneh indicated that this day included dental screening and referral of cases requiring treatment to the JUST educational dental clinics. The day also included educational lectures and competitions around the mouth diseases and methods of prevention in addition to an educational lecture for the school teachers about the "common dental injuries among children and methods of treatment and prevention", in addition to teach the students how to brush their teeth correctly and how to use dental floss. At the end of the day, toothbrushes, toothpastes, brochures, posters and other educational means were distributed to students.
Teachers and school principal, Ms. Hind Obeidat thanked to the Jordan University of Science and Technology for the outstanding effort made by the participants and faculty members represented by the Instructors Suhair Obeidat, Arwa Mahasneh, Zain Malkawi, and Reem Tubaishat. The Chairman of the Department Dr Abdel Rahim Bibars thank everyone contributed in this event, especially Colgate company who offered the toothpastes and the Jordanian Dental Association/ Irbid, represented by Dr. Mohammed Al Zoubi for the valuable support to this event.