Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Courses 2013
PT 1003NA
PT 1021NA
PT 2052NA
PT 2073NA
PT 2062Kinesiology Practical
PT 3623PT in Cardiopulmonary Conditions Practical
PT 2312Physical Modalities Practical
PT 2102Introduction to Clinical Medicine Practical
PT 2322Therapeutic Exercises Practical
PT 4812NA
PT 3803NA
PT 2012Musculoskeletal Anatomy Practical
PT 4912
PT 3512PT in Neurology 1 Practical
OT 1021NA
OT 2012NA
OT 2052NA
OT 2202NA
OT 3212NA
OT 3452NA
OT 3641NA
OT 3352NA
OT 3362NA
OT 3512NA
OT 4714clinics
OT 4754Clinics
OT 4734Clinics
OT 3562NA
OT 4724Clinics
OT 4744Clinics
PT 3112NA
PT2422PT in Orthopedics 1 Practical
PT 3451Prosthetics and Orthotics Practical
PT 2211Musculoskeletal Assessment Practical
PT 4932
PT 4912
PT 4985
PT 4972
PT 4952
OT 2112NA
OT 3531Orthopedic Rehabilitation Laboratory
OT 3522NA
OT 3462NA
OT 2031Activities of Daily Living Laboratory​
OT 2221Activities of Daily Living Laboratory​
OT 3231Neurorehabilitation Laboratory​
OT 3471Neurorehabilitation Laboratory​
OT 3662Activities of Daily Living Laboratory​
OT 3381Neurorehabilitation Laboratory​
OT 3371Neurorehabilitation Laboratory​
OT 3541Orthopedic Rehabilitation Laboratory
OT 3581Orthopedic Rehabilitation Laboratory
OT 2171Orthopedic Rehabilitation Laboratory
OT 3481Neurorehabilitation Laboratory​
PT 3922
PT 3132NA
PT 3412Physical Therapy in Orthopedics 2 Practical
PT 3542PT in Neurology 2 Practical
OT 2502NA
OT 3332NA
PT 2031
PT 2231
PT 2331
PT 3431
PT 3471
PT 3531
PT 2081
PT 2141
PT 2341
PT 2441
PT 3561
PT 3641
PT 4922
PT 4942
PT 4962
PT 3722NA