Compost-making workshop
17 Feb 2022

Prof. Dr. Nezar Samarah, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture at the Jordan University of Science and Technology, said at the conclusion of the training course on how to produce organic compost that the university and the faculty always strive to enhance students with skills that would enable them to join the labor market or enable them to create job opportunities for themselves in addition to encouraging them to preserve the environment. Faculty of Agriculture, in cooperation with the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), was keen to hold a training course on how to produce organic compost for students of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment and Plant Production at the Faculty of Agriculture.

During the conclusion of the compost-making workshop, which lasted for 21 days, and included theoretical and practical training that was applied by the students under the supervision of Dr. Ammar Albalasmeh and the trainer Abla Fouad, Dr. Samarah indicated that this workshop will contribute to creating job opportunities for graduate students and enable them to start their projects without having to wait for the Civil Service Commission for employment.

Mrs. Abla Fouad from the German Agency for International Cooperation spoke about the importance of producing organic fertilizer and its multiple benefits in building soil, improving its properties and saving water, noting that the compost-making workshop is one of the important and necessary training workshops for students of agricultural colleges.