Workshop "mainstreaming ecosystem services approach through networking with Jordanian universities
19 Jul 2017

The faculty of agriculture conducted an educational and introductory workshop on the ecosystem services for the faculty students funded by the GIZ through its national project "sustainable use of environmental services in Jordan” with the Ministry of Environment.The Dean of agriculture Professor Kamil Z. mahmmod started with a welcoming to the attendees as well as Dr Oliver Shlien the project manager and Eng. Belal Qutaishat the head of the protected area department. The Dean thanked attendees and invited students to benefit from this workshop because of its positive impact and to learn about ecosystem services through lectures presented by the experts from the regarding the Jordanian universities (University of Jordan, Yarmouk and Jordan University of science and technology). The project director Dr Oliver explained the project role and showed the importance of this national project and its role in the sustainable use of natural resources and services provided and encouraged students to take advantage of this workshop for including support for environment and sustainability of ecosystem services.