Welcome To Our Department
The Department of Animal Production, for​merly the Department of Nutrition and Animal Production, was established in 1996 following the split of the Department of Nutrition and Animal Production into two different departments. The departmental primary responsibilities are teaching, research and community services. The Department offers both Bachelor and Master's Degrees in Animal Production. Disciplines offered within the Department of Animal Production include nutrition, physiology, breeding and reproduction of farm animal species such as dairy cattle, sheep, goats and poultry. There are 226 students currently enrolled in the Department, out of which, 25 are in the master's program.
Meet Our Students
07 Feb
The Department of Animal Production initiated a Journal Club for the faculty staff and graduate students. The first meeting was held yesterday at 11:30 am in the Department Lab. The meetings will continue to be held on a weekly basis under the objectives of enhancing the research performance of graduate students and faculty staff in addition to keep them up-to-date with new cutting edge research methodologies and outcomes.
14 Dec
A lecture on “New Zealand Grazing System: Dairy Production and Research Areas”