Announcement to the following graduates of the faculty of Veterinary Medicine
09 Oct 2022

I kindly request you to attend the meeting of the Prof. Dr. Dean of the faculty for the purposes of appointing you in the 
as Research and Teaching Assistants for the purposes of scholarships, on Tuesday, 10/11/2022 at nine o'clock in the morning in the office of the Dean of the
faculty ​
, and the students are:- Joud Basil Saud Harahsheh. Ahmed Abdullah Khaled Obaidat. Kinda Raouf Yousef Ghobari. The visions of Ahmed Rashid Bassiouni. Hanin Hamid Sobhi Sheikh Khalil. Alaa Sharif Hussein Abu Matar. Sabreen Hassan Mohamed Gabr. Amin Abdul Rahman decorated the balcony We kindly request those who are unable to attend the interview and whose names are mentioned above, contact us via e-mail: or the college phone: 02/0720100 ext. 22038 Deanship of Veterinary Medicine Sunday 9/10/2022