Effect of intrauterine Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) lavage after insemination on expression of endometrial receptivity genes in mares (2021)
Mohammed Mahmoud Ababneh
Immunological response and shedding of Rev 1 (Brucella melitensis) vaccine in bovine (2021)
Ahmad Mahmmoud Al-Majali
Serum and milk concentrations of vitamin E, selenium, oxidant stress biomarkers and antioxidants in lactating dairy cows affected with bloody milk (2019)
Zuhair Abdellah Bani Ismail
Molecular characterization of antibacterial resistance and virulence genes among Escherichia coli isolates from bovine mastitic milk (2019)
Zuhair Abdellah Bani Ismail
Clinical, hematological and serum biochemical analyses in Leptospira spp. seropositive dairy cows with recent history of abortion (2019)
Zuhair Abdellah Bani Ismail